Grey Blinking Music Note FoRe4eR : Dota map V6.78B

Dota map V6.78B

За саяхан v6.78 маань гарсан тэгтэл сая v6.78b маань гаржээ. The International ийн дараа гэж байсан одоо бүр маналзуулж өгж байна даа.


V6.78b Changelogs

- Fixed a bug that allowed some players to control two heroes
- Fixed being unable to easily tell when Tombstone was Decrepified
- Fixed False Promise interaction with Shallow Grave
- Fixed Quelling Blade doing damage to allied wards
- Fixed the passive regen missing on Spirit Bear's Armlet
- Fixed Empty Bottle courier slow lasting a couple extra seconds after it is filled
- Fixed Buyback cooldown display not always being accurate
- Fixed Rupture hurting couriers
- Fixed some issues with targeting near units with Stone Caller
- Fixed Flak Cannon vs Gem
- Fixed Panda with Bloodstone being unable to revive
- Fixed swapping costing you an extra 100 gold if you swap after repicking a new hero
- Fixed multiple swaps costing you more gold
- Fixed Bloodrage removing Doom and stuns from allies
- Fixed Bloodrage removing Elder Dragon Form
- Fixed various tooltips
- Fixed a bug with Courier haste speed when interacting with slows
- Fixed Bloodstone charges being slightly inaccurate when activating the item manually
- Fixed Rupture piercing Shallow Grave
- Fixed False Promise interaction with Armlet and Power Treads
- Fixed Shadow Demon base int
- Fixed Mortal Strike interaction with Linken's Sphere
- Fixed an Aghnaim's Scepter droppability issue
- Fixed aoe XP/Gold with deny/neutral/suicide
- Fixed Aghanim Reaper buyback not being prevented properly if someone else gets the last hit
- Fixed some minor issues with the values on Eye of the Storm 

- Fixed Geomagnetic Grip being wasted if targeting ground and no nearby Rock is found to pull

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